3 Ways to Protect Your Vehicle From Everyday Dents, Dings and Damages

No one likes getting a scratch on their car, but only some people are willing to go the extra mile to prevent it. If you’re dedicated to the idea of keeping your vehicle in pristine condition, here are just three tips and tricks for automotive protection.

1. Mind the Sun

Sun damage is bad for your car in a number of ways. For example, most people know that it will fade the exterior color, but it can also crack and damage interior elements if you don’t park in the shade or use windshield covers for protection. Treat your car like a baby with sensitive skin and avoid the sun.

2. Upgrade Your Paint Job

Have you ever heard of Clear Bra Paint Protection Film? It’s a thin, transparent urethane film that goes over your car’s paint job and protects it from damage. It’s one of the many options that you can find for automotive paint protection Fremont CA, so do some research and see which kind is right for you. They can really extend the longevity of your bright, vibrant colors.

3. Use Gentle Tools for Cleaning and Maintenance

You wouldn’t take a shower with a rough, scratchy rag, so don’t use it on your car, either. Invest in gentle microfiber cloths if you need to wipe down the hood or clean oil from a dirty component. Not only will it reduce wear and tear, but it will also prevent fabric fibers from sticking to things and making an even bigger mess.

These are just a few ways to keep your vehicle in factory-like condition. If you’re interested in things like nanoglass coatings or automotive paint protection Fremont CA, contact us at Mum Sports. We can add both style and substance to your car!

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