Certified Pre-Owned Cars Or Used Cars; What Is Right For You?

If you are considering buying a car you might want to give serious thought to purchasing high quality, low mileage pre-owned cars in Evergreen Park. These vehicles, known as CPO or certified pre-owned often are cars that have reached three years and are coming off lease.

Used vs. certified pre-owned:

The truth is, both used cars and CPO vehicles are pre-owned, the difference lies in the fact that certified pre-owned cars in Evergreen Park have been subjected to a very stringent certification process. To be given the designation CPO the car must meet or exceed criteria which have been established by the vehicle manufacturer, this usually includes age as well as mileage.

Cars that have been certified by the manufacturer come with such extras as additional warranty that kicks in when the original warranty expires. This additional warranty is usually two years; some manufacturers programs include free roadside assistance and free or discounted maintenance.

A used car is just that, it will not have been subjected to the battery of checks nor will it be accompanied by an additional warranty. Having said this does not mean the dealer does not give the car a bumper to bumper inspection and recondition it before it is placed on the lot; it is just that used cars are not subjected to the same rigorous standards.

Is it worth buying a certified pre-owned car?

Certified pre-owned cars in Evergreen cost more when compared to a used, “non-certified” vehicle, in many cases the additional cost is well worth paying. The benefit of additional warranty is a major selling point.

Of course, if the car has a stellar track record for reliability perhaps spending the extra money is not a sensible decision but it must never be forgotten that there is really no way to know in advance how the previous owner treated the car; in many cases an ounce of protection is really worth a pound of cure.

When you are looking for pre-owned cars in Evergreen Park you will find a huge selection of both certified and non-certified vehicles at hawk Ford in Oak Lawn.

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