Three Types of Semi Truck Service in Wichita KS

When you own a semi truck and use it as a way to make income, it is crucial to keep it running smoothly so you can hit the open road with no reservations. While you may try to take good care of your truck, there will be times when things break and leave you needing to have it serviced. Because of the nature of a semi, it is important to find a service company that you can trust to provide quality work at an affordable price. While there are a number of services you may require, the following represent the top three most requested appointments for Semi Truck Service in Wichita KS.

Oil Changes The key to keeping your truck running dependably is to have the oil changed on a regular basis. As you drive, debris will build up in your motor oil and lessen its lubrication properties. This can cause your engine to age prematurely and cause the metal components to breakdown. Avoid this issue completely by having your oil fluid and filter changed according to the manufacturer recommendations. State Inspections There are a lot of requirements you have to abide by to keep your truck legal. It is important to have your truck inspected by a certified inspection station at least once per year. They will look for any safety issues and make sure that your truck is running properly and that you are not at risk for breaking down or causing an accident because of a safety violation.

Transmission Repair and Replacement The transmission is one of the hardest working parts of your semi. Make sure you talk to your mechanic about the transmission Semi Truck Service in Wichita KS options, so you can keep yours running smoothly. If your transmission fails, it can leave your truck non-operational. Make sure you complete the required preventative maintenance so you can keep your transmission from leaving you stranded.

If you are in need of a mechanic you can trust to keep your semi truck running properly, make sure you contact Truck Parts and Equipment Inc. They provide a full range of repair services, and can get parts for your truck quickly. Call them today to learn more, and see how easy it is to keep your semi running dependably for less. For more information you can visit Truck Parts & Equipment Inc.



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