Sport Bikes made by The Honda Bike Company

Honda is the largest manufacturer of sport bikes in Japan. The company produces more than 550,000 motorcycles annually. The Japanese multinational corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Honda Bike Company is a subsidiary of the Japanese Honda Motor Company. They have been producing high quality sport bike models since 1949.The company has created joint ventures around the world such as Honda Racing Corporation and Hero Honda Motorcycles. Honda Bike Company uses high power-to-weight ratio engines for its sport bike models.

The company is committed to the development of high potential racing machines. The racing activities the company is involved in are important for the creation of the modern technology used in mass production of Honda sport bikes. Through its subsidiary, HRC, the bike manufacturer contributes to the development of sport bike racing through the education of riders, the financing of racing teams, and the sale of engine configurations.

The Honda 98 cc Dream Type-D was the first sport bike that was built by the company. The company has produced more than three hundred million bikes since it began mass production. The bike company commands a big market with its models all over the world. The bikes produced by the company are some of the most durable, high quality, and efficient bikes the market has to offer. The models produced by the company include Honda Shine 125cc and the Activa scooter. Honda Bike Company has 32 production plants in 22 countries.

The company incorporates Traction Control Systems on its sport bike models. The technology limits slippage of the rear wheel during acceleration on road surfaces. The traction control system monitors the speeds of both wheels by applying the use of wheel speed sensors that is included as part of the Anti-Lock Braking System. The system also captures data from a variety of engine parameters. When a loss of traction is detected, the system automatically alters torque application which reduces the injection of fuel to the engine. This enhances regulation of power delivery when riding on surfaces with low traction.

Honda sport bikes are trusted by millions of bike enthusiasts around the world. The company invests in modern technology to ensure the bikes create satisfaction for Honda customers. Honda is the best-selling motorcycle brand in the world. The company runs the Marysville Motorcycle Plant in the U.S. The factory produces the most popular sport bikes for the US market.

Honda race bikes are known for their exotic engine configurations and sleek designs. For instance, the 125 cc bike has 22000 rpm 5-cylinder engine while the 297 cc and 250 cc bikes are run by 6-cylinder engines. The company developed its first 500 cc two-stroke sport bike, the NS500 in 1983. The company has dominated the Grand Prix motorcycle racing for many years.

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