Signs You Need an Auto Repair Shop in Kent, WA

Whenever you find yourself on the road, it is likely that you are aware of all the small unique attributes of your car. Therefore, it is fairly easy to notice when something is no longer functioning as it should, such as the car shaking whenever you accelerate or the thermometer is spiking up into the red. An auto repair shop can help you determine the underlying cause of nearly any problem and give you information on any repair options so you can get the most cost-effective fix possible.

Miles Driven

Many newer vehicles tell their drivers in clear lettering whenever the oil is in need of replacement, but this is not always the case. If you have driven 3,000 miles since your last oil change, or if it has been three months, it is likely time you have this done to preserve the condition of your engine. Relatively inexpensive, you can have your oil changed at a reputable auto repair shop in Kent, WA without waiting more than a few minutes, and this simple procedure can keep your vehicle running smoothly for years.


In cold weather, it is not uncommon for white smoke to leave the exhaust of your car whenever you turn it on, but this is not the case for your engine. If you begin to notice white smoke coming out of your engine when driving down the road, it is a sure indication that your engine is overheated and in danger of receiving damage. An auto repair shop such as Pro Finish Inc. can help you discover the cause of the overheating and avoid any further damage from shortening the lifespan of your car.


Any unusual noise coming from your engine, even if it is simply that your engine is running at twice the volume, is a sign of trouble. You need to bring your car in right away to discover whether you have a potentially damaging problem waiting to cause a breakdown on the road.

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