Make Sure Your Car or Truck Shifts Smoothly With Quality Manual Transmissions Repair in Houston

The transmission is one of the most complex components on any vehicle. Its primary purpose is to transfer the raw horsepower from the engine into usable torque to turn the wheels. It does this through a series of gears. One of then benefits to using a transmission is the ability to use a different gear combination to take the load off of the engine. This results in more power at higher speeds and the ability to drive the car faster. The manual transmission is connected to the engine by a shaft from the transmission. This shaft connects to the clutch plate which is part of the clutch assembly.

The clutch is a fiber coated plate capable of handling a lot of heat and friction. Its purpose is to join the engine and transmission together. To do this, the clutch sits between the engine’s flywheel and a part known as a pressure plate. This plate uses spring loaded fingers to keep the clutch pressed tightly in place. However, when you shift the transmission you have to press the clutch pedal to release this pressure. This action disengages the engine and transmission. It also results in wear on the clutch plate. This is one of the reasons for Manual Transmissions Repair in Houston. A worn clutch can rob your car or truck of vital power.

Replacing the clutch requires removing the transmission from the engine. This complex task can also require the mechanic to remove other parts such as the shifting linkage. At this time, it is a good idea to have the mechanic check the linkage for signs of wear. A worn shift mechanism can result is sloppy shifting, or the inability to change gears when required. Other shifting problems can occur inside the transmission. For example, a worn grommet could cause the shift assembly to stick or miss a gear change.

One of the great things about manual transmissions is the fact that they don’t use much fluid. However, a standard transmission can leak gear oil. This is caused by worn seals, usually at the rear of the transmission. If you are having trouble with your standard shift transmission and are looking for Manual Transmissions Repair in Houston, be sure to visit the website at for more information.



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