Why Buy A New Ford Fusion?

For a mid-size sedan, the new Ford Fusion is roomy, has a well-appointed interior and exhibits outstanding performance. The 2017 Ford Fusion in Wheeling has a new front style and optional LED headlights. The Sports model is powered by a 2.7L, twin-turbo V6 rated at 325 HP. The Sports model has continuously controlled damping; the result is an extremely smooth ride over the roughest roads. Rounding out the Sports model is 19-inch wheels, rear spoiler, twin exhausts, and a performance inspired interior and exterior.

For those that wish to step up to the Platinum trim, expect a refined interior that features an instrument panel and door panels wrapped in leather as is the steering wheel.

There are many reasons to buy a new Ford Fusion:

Fuel economy: Other than for the powerful Sports model, owners can look forward to impressive fuel economy. The S and SE trims have as standard a 2.5L four-cylinder engine that gives 32 MPG on the highway and 25 MPG combined highway and city driving. The 1.5L EcoBoost does even better, up to 25 MPG in the city and 37 on the highway.

Handling: The car is extremely responsive regardless of whether you are driving on the Interstate or a back road. If you are looking for a sportier feel, step up to the Titanium model, it has stiffer suspension for ultimate control.

Styling: The smooth lines of a Ford Fusion in Wheeling will get your immediate attention, it is a beautiful automobile. Featuring 18-inch alloy wheels and a rear spoiler, the appearance package is well worth the money. The car is available in a host of dramatic colors including white gold, ruby, and lightning blue.

It is a family car: It may be sleek, it may be responsive, but it still is a car that can easily accommodate a family of five. Ventilated and heated seats are ideal for all seasons, and the trunk space of 16 cubic feet is more than enough.

These are just a few of the features you will find in a new Ford Fusion in Wheeling. When it is fully loaded, it can rival many premium luxury sedans for a lot less money.

A Ford Fusion is an exciting family sedan. To discuss the available options, visit Arlington Heights Ford in Wheeling.

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